Colonial University of Mages by 6ix

Version 1.0

Things are hazy, it's like your senses arn't working correctly. Flashes of sight, of things you dont recognize. You drift for what seems like hours.

Suddenly everything snaps into focus. You're in a room you've never seen before. It's elegant and well kept but the design is very old, antique even. It feels like something is anchoring you here.

Ah there we go. I think I finally have you dialed in now.

Startled, you turn and face the woman that was just out of your line of sight. Movement feels weird to you. Like you just changed your view without moving at all.

First of all, I'm Kat. And welcome to the Colonial Univeristy of Mages.

She makes an exagerated gesture indicating, first herself, and then the room at large. She continues.

We're the oldest school of magic in America. Established well before the american revolution. The campus consists of several large buildings and sits on several square miles, warded to keep undesierables out.

You will be attending CUM for 5 years, this is of course optional, but it's unlikely you will learn much magic without help. Room and board will be provided during your stay. And you may bring any immidiate family to reside here as well.

Upon graduation we will help you to get established in a career, but we can talk more about that later. Just know that this world is much bigger than most people think. We keep a large portion of it hidden from the uninitiated.

Anyway, you're probably wondering how you got here. About an hour ago your soul manifested magic. Usually, this isn't such a big deal. Most people don't even notice... But..For a select few, the really powerful mages, the manifestation destroys the body. So good news bad news right? Bam your body is gone, but hey you have the potential to be a really powerful mage!

Now don't start freaking out on me. Your magic can reform a new body. It's just tricky do to without some guidance. That's why I'm here! This room is setup specifically to capture mages without bodies and help them to form new ones.

So a few things of note before you start forming a new body. Some body features allow for more potential magic than others. Thats why those that get to reform their bodies end up as some of the strongest mages. Also the choices you make here will become your True form. Using shapshifting, and other similar magics, will temporarily decrease your magical ability the farther you stray from this True form.

OK. Lets get started.

She pulls up what you would best describe as a magic holographic computer screen and starts manipulating options.

OK. I've given you access to start selecting your body options. As we go down through the list you will notice that the points granted to your magic potential are listed in the bottom left. The number of times you can choose an available option are listed on the bottom right.

Plus signs and minus signs are pretty self explanitory. Click a skill icon directly for a popup with more information about that skill.

Some options may seem constraining but your body has to meet certain criteria or your magic will reject it. Items connected with a red line cannot be taken together. Others have pre-requisits listed in the skill popup.

You also start with some secondary stats. These all start at 10, indicating a normal human level. So if you had say 14 strength, you would be 140% as strong as a normal human. Stats that are reflected by a percentage (%) are a percentage of normal human levels.

Dexterity - Controls your speed, accuracy and reflexes. Also includes your flexibility.

RefractoryTime - How long in minutes your refractory period lasts. You cannot cast active skills and your stats are all lowered to normal human levels while in refractory.

Regeneration - Controls your healing rate. Levels over 12 prevent sickness, disease and cancer. Levels over 15 allow for regrowth of limbs, organs, automatic setting of bones, ect. As you approach level 50, healing is near instant.

Stamina - Controls how resistant you are to attacks as well as how long you can maintain high energy levels. Also applies in the bedroom.

Strength - Controls the effectiveness of your physical attacks. How much you can lift. How far you can throw. How effective you are in heavier armors. Doesnt actually change your muscle mass.

Will - Controls the recovery of magic and cost of abilities. How well you can resist temptation.

As for your age, you're in luck. All bodies are formed looking about 20 years old. After creation, they will age normally unless you prevent it somehow.

You go over the list. It looks like you can make selections by just concentrating on what you want.

You'll notice in each section the magic seems to favor certain choices. Lets start with the important bits and build off of that.

Genital Options

OK now on to basic body shape and apperance. For some reason, magic really prefers the feminine form. There are some secondary stat drawbacks though, if you go all out. Colorings can be anything within normal human limits.

You check out the screen and notice you now have new options to choose from.

Body Options

Chest Options

Butt Options

Fitness Options

Height Options

Misc Options

OK I think that does it. Let me just finalize the selection here.

Kat starts typing away at the screen. Suddenly you feel an immense pleasure wash over you. Everything goes white.

Wake up sleepyhead. We need to get this show on the road. Lets see how you did.

You open your eyes and start to move around. Kat is still typing away at the screen. You take stock of yourself. You feel good. Like really good. You can sense that every part of this body was just made to go together. There is also something more. The magic. You can feel it lurking just below the surface of your skin. Just waiting to be released.

You check your magic potential in the top right of the screen.

We can work with that. OK let me explain how the world really works. Uknown to most people, we are constantly under seige.

These attacks come from a magical realm that borders our own. They appear in the form of dungeons. Yeah thats right, dungeons. Entrances are constantly popping up in certain areas. These are the areas we keep hidden from normal people. Both for their protection and so we don't have to explain magic to the world at large.

In these areas you will find that technology and explosives don't seem to work. This is due to the magic that keeps the dungeons hidden and the magic from the dungeons themselves.

Once a dungeon has opened there is a limited time to close it before threats start pouring out. At its heart, each dungeon has a powerful magic entity that is maintaining the connection to our world. The size of the dungeon entrance corresponds to the power level of the entity. Defeat this entity and the dungeon can be closed. Thats where we come in.

Most mages make their living adventuring into dungeons, or by supporting those that adventure into dungeons. There are lots of magic components that can only be found in dungeons. In addition to the wealth, you can gain more magic potential by defeating the magic creatures in the dungeons. Kinda like leveling up.

So let me explain how your magic potential works. There are several areas of focus when it comes to magic. You can do a deep dive into a single area or spread yourself around multiple areas. To help you get the most out of your time here at CUM, we will use the screen again to select your areas of interest. These selections will be used to set your curriculum, and by the end of your time here you should know each area you selected.

Just remember you can't make more choices than you have potential for, so your balance must end at 0 or above. Things have been broken down into sections but feel free to scroll around and even skip entire sections.

You turn back to the screen eager to make your selections.

Oh I almost forgot to explain how magic works. All skills are either active or passive. When you use an active skill, it will increase your arousal. If you reach 100 arousal points (AP) you orgasm, triggering Refractory. Levels approaching 100 will have you thinking about sex constantly.

While you are in your Refractory period, all your stats are reduced to normal human levels and no active skills can be used. This starts at 60 minutes but can be raised or lowerd by the selections you make.

AP decays at a rate of 1 per (60-Will) Seconds. With a minimum of 1 second. So the default Will of 10 will remove 1 AP every 50 seconds. Don't worry if this is confusing, the amount of time to get back to 0 AP will be shown in the tooltip of each active skill.

The AP cost of each active skill will vary based upon your secondary stats. 'Will' will help with reducing the AP cost of everything that has an AP cost. If other stats also reduce AP it is listed in the descripton for that skill.

Unless otherwise noted, all skills have a cooldown of 1 second. This first second is global, meaning you cannot cast the same or even a different skill until the cooldown is up.

Warrior Focus

Hunter Focus

Pirate Focus

Necromancy Focus

Elemental Focus

Arcane Focus

Healing Focus

Time and Space Focus

Nature Focus

Eromancy Focus

Hud Focus

Crafting Focus

If you're feeling limited on your choices I can focus your magic in some specific ways. Most people would see these as detrimental.


Man, Anon you took ages... Ill get these selections submitted to the school. Lets get you settled into your room. You'll have to stay on the school grounds until they have your new identification completed.

Much Later...

Hey Anon!

You notice Kat calling to you from across the quad.

Hey Anon, I hear congratulations are in order. It looks like you will be all done with your courses in a few weeks. So what are your plans for the future?

What do you want to do? Possible Expansion here. For now just let us know in the comments!

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